Where to Purchase iPad2 Wi-Fi + 3G

As all of the technology junkies (myself included) continue to run after the iPad 2, much like Gollum chased his ‘Precious’ in Lord of the Rings, the question of Where To Purchase iPad2 wi-fi + 3G will continue to uttered over and over.  Both of the iPad 2 models remain a hot commodity, in high demand, and sometimes with a scarce presence.  If you are looking to get your hands on one of these tablet pcs, we will not only help you locate one, but we will also remind you just why you fall weak in the knees each time this coveted Apple gadget’s name is whispered.  Too dramatic?  Maybe.  That’s just how gadget geeks such as myself see the world.  Lets take a look under the hood of this latest generation iPad model.

The iPad 2 does have some significant improvements over the fist generation version of itself.  For one, the device has been redesigned to be even thinner and lighter.  When you are dealing with a 10″ device, any bulk which can be eliminated is a plus indeed, thereby improving its portability, and the iPad 2 pulls this off nicely.  The new design also includes a color option of either black or white.

New feature additions include dual cameras, both of which take stills and record video (at a nice 720p). While the photo quality is considered to be mediocre, the real plus with the camera inclusion is video chatting.  While the HDMI, USB, and SD out ports are present on board, they do require an adapter, however the iPad can mirror its output to your HDTV over a standard HDMI connection, which is a nice media option for watching movies, TV shows, music videos, or view photos from your iPad 2.

An upgrade which is exclusive to the iPad 2 wi-fi + 3G model is the addition of Verizon Wireless as a data carrier for the iPad 2.  The iPad first gen data service is only available through AT&T, while the iPad 2 data plans can be purchased through either Verizon or AT&T.  If you are an international jet-setter, then you definitely want to consider the AT&T data plan as they provide global 3G service using a GSM modem coupled with a micro-SIM card slot which allows users to simply swap out compatible SIM cards for overseas foreign carriers.  The Verizon iPad does not possess the SIM swapping features, hence making it a less viable option for frequent international travelers who want to use their iPad 2 on the go.

While these upgrades did not necessarily reinvent the iPad tablet, they do enhance the user experience nicely.  Features which carried over from the highly successful first gen iPad include a nice long battery life of up to 10 hours, a nice large 9.7″ touch screen, Bluetooth capability, and access to the most celebrated app store in existence.  The Apple app store features more than 65,000 apps optimized for the iPad, providing an app for virtually anything and everything.  If you tire of your current set of apps, you simple choose newer ones to ‘spice’ things up and rejuvenate your iPad functionality.  The apps for the iPad include the largest selection of gaming titles of any tablet.  Android and RIM tablets may be able to compete in other performance areas, but when it comes to a catalog of apps optimized for tablets, they cannot hold a candle to Apple.  Another reason to find out Where To Purchase iPad2 wi-fi + 3G.

The iPad 2 wi-fi + 3G is available in the same storage capacity options as the other iPad models: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.  Before you make your decision as to how much storage you need, you should consider to factors.  One, your iPad is compatible to PC and Mac, hence much of your permanent storage can reside on your computer and can easily be transferred over to your iPad when you need it.  Music is a great example.  Secondly, Apple has just announced their new iCloud service, which will roll out this fall with their new iOS 5 release.  This new service will provide virtual file storage for compatible apps and files, thereby reducing your dependency on internal storage.

The iCloud will also provide automated synchronization and data backup across all your Apple devices.  This new service will completely revolutionize how you interact with your iPad, iPhone, iMac, or other Apple device, as well as how you interact with your files, games, and apps.  Cloud computing and storage has really taken a prominent seat in recent technological developments and platforms, and Apple is not about to get left behind.

To be perfectly honest, in regards to core features, including web browsing, email, maps, contacts, media playback and video gaming, there are quite a few competitors out there that can match the iPad.  The iPad still rules when it comes to games, third party apps, and media downloads, but if those features are not your priority, then you may want to shop around a bit on the tablet market for other more competitively priced tablets, such as the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and BlackBerry PlayBook.

If you’re one of us that has been seduced by the iPad 2 and is considering snagging one for yourself, then its time to discuss Where to Purchase iPad2 wifi + 3G tablets. We’ve come to recognize that Amazon is the most reliable source for consistent access to purchasing an iPad 2.  Best Buy and other retailers can’t seem to maintain a steady stockpile of iPads either first gen or second generation, making Amazon the most viable option in Where To Purchase iPad2 wi-fi + 3G devices online for the best prices.

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