Where to Purchase Apple iPad Wi-Fi Tablets

The easy question: What is the top selling tablet pc?  The hard question: Where to Purchase the iPad?  It is the Apple iPad which was not only the first unprecedented super gadget to fill the gap between our smartphones and laptops, but was also the wake up call which made us take notice that the gap was there in the first place.  You have to admit that Apple’s strategy of creating a niche that filled a void that consumers where not even aware of but quickly became obsessed with was pure genius level ingenuity.  It is marketing at its finest.

Many argue that the iPad is not necessarily a superior tablet experience, but is more of a marketing success.  Polls and surveys revealed that consumers perceive the iPad as the ‘coolest’  and most ‘user friendly’ tablet device on the market, and the cool factor does go a long way, particularly with younger shoppers, while user friendliness earns huge points with older consumers.

So before we share with you Where To Purchase iPad wi-fi tablets, lets talk about why the iPad is such a hot commodity.  So what’s under the hood of the iPad Wi-Fi, and what can it do?  I thought you’d never ask!  The iPad was the first device of its kind, and effectively consolidated our ereaders, netbooks, iPod, photo frame, and gaming device into one savvy, elegant, and affordable gadget.

This was a gutsy move, and an impressively aggressive act of tech convergence that has changed the concept of mobile technology and portable computing forever. The iPad is your mobile multimedia, web browsing, gaming, movie watching, music playing beast, and after having tried anything and everything on the iPad, I can tell you that the iPad does not disappoint.

The iPad tablet features some nice goodies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, a strong 10 hours of battery life, movie rentals, the option of 3G wireless (requires a data plan with AT&T), and access to thousands of apps and games through the most robust App Store in existence.  The iPad features a 9.7″ widescreen, which is ideal for enjoying movies, TV shows, videos, and intense video game action, but not so large that you loose the portability component.  In a word, the size is perfect.

The Wi-fi only version of the iPad can only connect to the Internet with a wi-fi connection, hence possibly limiting your availability to an Internet connection somewhat depending on your personal circumstances.  If you feel that this connection level is too restricting for you in regards to how and where you will use your iPad, you may want to consider the iPad 3G instead, which also has built-in wi-fi, and provides 3G connectivity as well.

Now its not all sunshine and roses with the iPad.  It lacks a few ‘wish-we-had-items’ on our list of tablet goodies, such as Flash support, integrated HD video output, and cameras, particularly one for video chatting.  With Steve Job’s resistance to Flash media player technology, it is doubtful that you’ll ever see that feature on an iPad, but front and rear facing cameras with video capture are found on the iPad 2.

However, since the dual camera and video recording are now found on most smartphones, the camera inclusion is not a deal breaker for a large number consumers, and many would still rather pay the lower price tag for the first gen iPad tablet.  If video chat is a must have for you on your iPad, you will need to go with the iPad 2.

The performance of both iPad models is so close in quality that the penny pinchers among us recognize the value that the first gen iPad still offers.  The techies and gadget geeks among us cannot even fathom having a ‘last gen’ version of any device, much less the coolest gadget of the day, and they will absolutely go with the iPad 2.

The iPad Wi-Fi first generation has a few variations to choose from when it comes to storage size, including 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.  Before making your decision, remember that the iPad is compatible with both PC and Mac, hence media files can be easily transferred back and forth between devices.  This may or may not affect your preferences regarding storage on your new iPad.

Apple’s upcoming iCloud service will also affect how you use the capacity on your iPad due to the iCloud storage features, which will store compatible files in a virtual cloud that is accessible across all your Apple devices, thereby minimizing your dependency on internal storage on your device, but not eliminating it completely.

Apple’s new iCloud service, which will truly revolutionize the way you interact with your Apple devices, was announced recently at the 2011 WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Fransisco, and instantly became the talk of tech town. Apple’s iCloud service will be included in their upcoming iOS 5 release this fall, and delivers automated synchronization, backup, and cloud file storage across all your Apple devices over a wi-fi connection.

iCloud will dramatically change the way you interact with iTunes, and virtually any type of file on your iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac, and will allow your Apple devices to always be in sync with one another, providing you access to any of your apps or files on any of your devices.  Cloud storage and computing seems to be the next wave of technological advancement, and Apple is clearly on the cutting edge of this new phenomenon.  Find out Where to Buy A iPad.