Where to Purchase Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

Along with figuring out Where To Purchase iPad  3G tablets, you also have to figure out which model you are interested in.  The iPad Wi-Fi + 3G first generation brings the same exceptional tablet experience as the iPad Wi-Fi only, however it also includes the convenience of 3G wireless service which ensures you can connect to the Internet no matter where you are.  This means that you have unlimited use of your iPad when on the go, including many places where wi-fi is simply not available.  The iPad 3G is undeniably the more flexible and versatile of the two iPad first gen models, but as with all good things, it comes at a price.

The 3G wireless service for the iPad is accessible by purchasing a data plan at AT&T, which will incur a monthly fee.  While this does up the ante a little bit, increasing the overall cost of using the iPad, the flexibility and convenience of of 3G wireless connectivity is worth the extra cost to millions of iPad owners.  For those users who are not hung up on the cameras in the iPad 2, you will be glad to hear that you can purchase the iPad 3G first generation for a significantly lower price than the iPad 2 3G, however, keep in mind that the lack of cameras means no video chatting on your high-tech iPad tablet. While the iPad 2 is a tad bit faster and lighter than the iPad first gen, many reviewers have stated that the speed difference is so minor that the average user won’t notice.

The iPad 3G first gen features a 9.7″ touch screen which is ideal for web browsing, playing games, watching movies or videos, emailing, or working on documents or any other number of projects.  When we say that there is an app for anything and everything, we are not joking.  You also are treated to movie rentals, Bluetooth, GPS, and a strong battery life at right around 10 hours.  Your iPad will also be your ereader, and is compatible with the popular (and free) Amazon Kindle app as well as providing apps like iBook, giving you plenty of options for enjoying an innovative and high quality digital reading experience.

Between a plethora of apps (thousands) and the intuitive, easy to navigate user interface, there won’t be much you can’t accomplish with this all-in-one portable, cutting edge gadget.  The onslaught of Android tablets has not been able to knock the iPad from its top perch in the tablet market, and while the other brands are fiercely trying to match the iPad’s presence in the market, it remains the darling of the tablet industry.  However, for those consumers who want to be presented with a healthy amount of Apple vs Android information, you may want to check out our Android and RIM tablet reviews, which include the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and BlackBerry Playbook.

For those of you who already know that the iPad 3G is your gadget of choice and you’re simply wanting to move forward and buy iPad tablet devices, you must also determine which storage level you are interested in from among the following:  16GB, 32GB, 64GB.  When making that decision, it may be beneficial to remember that the iPad 3G is compatible with both PC and Mac, hence files are easily stored and transferred among devices, which means that all your files do not have to be stored on your iPad at all times.  This is a good decision to make prior to looking for Where To Purchase iPad  3G tablets.

Another component to take into consideration when determining what storage capacity you want is Apple’s recently announced iCloud service, which provides virtual cloud storage for compatible files.  This will certainly affect your dependency on internal iPad storage, but since not all your files will be iCloud compatible, you will need at least some on-board storage. You will still need to evaluate how much storage is reasonable for your level of use, taking into consideration being able to store files permanently on your computer and through virtual storage using iCloud.

iCloud will roll out during this fall’s release of Apple’s iOS 5, and will provide automated synchronization, backup, and storage across all your Apple devices over a wi-fi connection.  AT&T is currently preparing methods to handle the increased data uploads / downloads, and will be equipped to ensure that any transfers which are facilitated via a 3G connection for subscribers does not overload their 3G service capabilities.  iCloud will dramatically change the way you interact with iTunes, your iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and all your apps and files.  Cloud computing is truly revolutionizing the mobile technology platform.

So here is the overall lo-down: if video chatting, taking pics, or recording video is not a deal breaker for you, and you can live with knowing there is an iPad model that is slightly faster than yours, then the iPad 3G First Gen may be the perfect tablet for you, at a much lower price than the iPad 2 3G model.  As far as Where Can I Buy An iPad 3G tablet, we’ve determined that Amazon is one of the few retailers that seems to be able to offer consistent access to the device, hence we recommend that you start there.  One click access has been provided on this page for you.