Where To Purchase BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook, a professional grade tablet creation by RIM (Research in Motion), has been on the market a little over a month now, and while it had some ups and downs in its initial launch, the PlayBook has really gained some ground in the tablet market. The PlayBook is particularly appealing to consumers who either already have or are considering using a BlackBerry smartphone due to the innovative BlackBerry Bridge that connects your PlayBook and BlackBerry for access to core BlackBerry services on your PlayBook’s high resolution display.  Before we get into Where To Purchase BlackBerry Playbook, lets take a peek under the hood of this RIM tablet.

The PlayBook has a stronger focus on business application than some of the other tablets, and is highly praised by IT specialists for its advanced security features. While it is a great option for those needing a tablet for work, it also caters to our entertainment needs, and offers a robust multimedia feature set as well.  The PlayBook really is a jack of all trades.  The PlayBook presents uncompromised Web browsing, genuine multitasking, out of the box enterprise support, and absolutely brilliant multimedia playback.

A sleek and stylish design measures less than half an inch thick, and weighing in at less than one pound.  The PlayBook sports a vibrant 7″ high res display which supports four-fingered multi-touch gestures on the highly responsive capacitive touchscreen.  You can connect to your BlackBerry smartphone via wireless connection for real time access to BBM, email, Documents To Go, calendar, task list, and address book through the BlackBerry Bridge.

The PlayBook is powered by a 1 GHz dual core processor, which enables super fast performance, exquisite multitasking performance, and a strong multimedia experience.  With full Adobe Flash Player support, your videos, movies, web pages and games are rendered with perfect presentation, fast frame rates, and the highest quality graphics and images possible.  Additional features include three levels of storage: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, an ample 1 GB of RAM, on board GPS navigation as well as location based services, and for your video chatting and pictures snapping pleasure, you’ll be treated to dual HD webcams.  The BlackBerry Tablet OS is highly intuitive, and is based on the user friendly QNX technology.

A new feature is being added to the PlayBook that will allow the tablet to run Android apps that are v2.3 or higher using a special Android Play that has been engineered for BlackBerry.  This will ensure that PlayBook users have access to BlackBerry apps as well as Android Apps, all of which will be accessible in the BlackBerry App World.

High-Fidelity is all over the PlayBook with not only its Flash Play support, but also Adobe Mobile AIR and HTML 5 support, providing the highest quality user experience for web browsing, gaming, media, and a true Web experience.  The built-in accelerometer combined with the 6 axis motion sensing features enable immersive 3D gaming in all its glory.  You will be able to run multiple apps simultaneously and in real time on the PlayBook, with several customization options to provide you a tailored tablet experience.

For those who are interested in integrating their work productivity onto their PlayBook, you’ll find features such as DocsToGo, Adobe Reader, and support for enterprise VPN connectivity and corporate intranet browsing.

Below you will find one click access to the three PlayBook models available, as well as information on Where To Purchase BlackBerry PlayBook.