Where to Purchase Kindle Keyboard 3G

The Kindle Keyboard 3G eReader offers users not only reliable wi-fi connectivity, but also free 3G connectivity as well! Unlike all the tablets out there that are being used as ereaders, the Kindle Keyboard 3G does not require any service agreements with any wireless carriers, and users never see any contracts or monthly service bills of any kind for accessing the 3G service.  This is certainly a nice incentive for shoppers who are interested in Where To Purchase a Kindle Keyboard 3G

The primary difference between the Kindle Keyboard Wi-fi and the Kindle Keyboard 3G is in fact, the 3G connectivity.  You have the same stunning, high contrast E Ink Pearl Technology 6″ screen, same ample storage of up to 3500 books, same huge selection of 950,000 book titles, and the same features, games, and interactive content.  The only real difference is that you simply are able to access the Internet and download books no matter where you are without having to hunt down a wi-fi connection.  Determining whether or not the 3G Kindle is the right one for you basically comes down to evaluating your need for the 3G service.

Book lovers can enjoy the global 3G service on the Kindle Keyboard 3G in more than 100 countries around the world.  The Kindle Keyboard 3G uses Amazon Whispernet to deliver wireless coverage on AT&T’s 3G high speed data network within the USA, with partner networks for 3G connectivity outside of the United States.  You will have 3G connection availability virtually anywhere that your travels take you, both near and far!  The ultra portable nature of the Kindle 3G makes it the perfect portable device when traveling, and certainly beats having to lug around heavy books which take up far too much space in your suitcase!

As you search for Where to Purchase Kindle 3G at the best possible price, you should know that the third generation of Kindle has presented an updated and enhanced version of the digital reading device, which has improved its features and functionality enough to allow the Kindle to dominate the ereader market quite proficiently.  The Kindle Keyboard 3G features the sleek new design that offers an 8.5 ounce lightweight body, a high quality, high contrast 6″ reading display, and a 21% smaller body size while maintaining the generous 6″ reading area.  The Kindle Keyboard 3G weighs less than most paperback books, and is easily stowed in a purse, backpack, or oversized pocket.

Other savvy features that are turning heads are the enhanced PDF reader, note taking capability, friends and family book lending, highlighting of favorite passages, built-in Facebook and Twitter integration for instantly sharing with your social network, a webkit browser (experimental), faster and quieter page turns, real page numbers, text to speech so that your Kindle can read to you, and later in 2011, the Kindle will facilitate Library Book Lending, allowing you to borrow books from your local library.

We tried really hard to find some downsides to this popular ebook reader to balance out our review of the device, however, we’ve come up empty handed for the most part.  We do have to admit though that when it comes to children’s books and magazines, black and white images are definitely not as captivating on the Kindle as they are on other full color ereaders, which is the one and only negative we could find on the Kindle.  The new Kindle 3 model is faster, lighter, and performs so well, it exceeded our expectations in every way as long as we kept our sites on the fact that it is indeed a dedicated ebook reader and not a tablet.

The Kindle does not boast to be a tablet, hence it should not loose points for not performing like one.  In fact, should you prefer to read on your tablet, you can simply download the free Kindle app from the Kindle Store and voila, you have a tablet model Kindle instantly.  For those who are looking for a dedicated ereader experience that also offers some tablet like functions, such as games and interactive content, then finding Where to Purchase a Kindle 3G can really point you in the right direction.

The Kindle 3G has a little stiffer competition with the NookColor simply because the price tags on the two devices are $50 closer than with the Kindle Wi-fi, making it a little harder to compensate for lack of a full color display and the robust tablet functions that the NookColor delivers.  However the Kindle Keyboard 3G still doesn’t seem to be struggling in keeping ahead of the NookColor in market share percentage according to best estimates by analysts.

For those book worms who are seeking out a dedicated digital reading experience without all the other fluff, then setting your sites on the Kindle 3G is a solid decision, and they’ve got more than 24,000 positive user reviews to prove it!  Find out Where to Purchase Kindle 3G right here!

If you would like the Kindle Keyboard 3G device for an even lower price tag, you may want to consider the Kindle Keyboard 3G With Special Offers for only $139, saving you $50.  You get the same high quality digital reading experience with 3G connectivity, as well as access to featured special offers which are money saving opportunities only for owners of this Kindle model.  However, if seeing ads on your Kindle is not something you’re interested in, then this version is not for you.