Where To Purchase A Kindle

Amazon has recently released a whole new lineup of Kindle devices, exponentially growing the Kindle family by leaps and bounds.  The new Kindle products include the all new Kindle eReader (comes in wi-fi model only), Kindle Touch eReader (comes in wi-fi only and 3G models), and the Kindle Fire, which is an Android powered tablet PC that takes the Kindle brand to a whole new level.  These new models introduce feature which the Kindle has not before offered, such as a multi-touch screen functionality and cloud storage, among other advanced options.

The Kindle Fire is the least expensive tablet in its class, retailing for a low $199, and offers a robust and high quality tablet experience, from multimedia and web browsing to gaming and social networking.   While it turns out it is not the iPad killer that Amazon had hoped it would be, it has indeed set several sales records, several of them broken before the tablet even launched.

Before you start looking for Where To Purchase a Kindle, you first need to know just what all the hype is about when it comes to this incredibly popular ebook reader. The Amazon Kindle is currently available in 5 variations, including the Kindle Wi-fi, Kindle Wi-fi with Special Offers, Kindle 3G, Kindle 3G with Special Offers, and the Kindle DX.

Each of these variations has one thing in common, they are all associated with the number one selling dedicated ebook reader brand in the industry. Offered at an affordable value that starts at only $114, with a truly remarkable performance, the Kindle eReader has left the competition in the dust, and has also won the title of the number one best selling Amazon product in history.

So just how does the Kindle eReader keep ahead of the competition? This third generation Kindle model offers the renowned high contrast E Ink display, which delivers 50% better contrast with E Ink Pearl technology. Thousands of ebook enthusiasts have indicated that they prefer the high contrast black and white display of the Kindle over the full color options of the NookColor, the Kindle’s number one competitor in the dedicated ebook reader race. That’s how simply stunning and functional the Kindle reading display is!!

Amazon has recently added book lending, page numbers, and additional Kindle games and interactive content to the feature set of their flagship eBook Reader, and will be adding Library Book Lending features in the second half of 2011. The Kindle Bookstore features over 950,000 books, audio books, and periodicals, and once Library Lending is added, the selection of book titles increases even more! Many of the ebooks and games for the Kindle are free, while the paid ones start as low as 99 cents.

Books download in under 60 seconds, and you also get multiple cool book worm tools, such as bookmarking and virtual dictionary. Read our Kindle reviews below to find out which Kindle eReader is the perfect match for the book worm in you that is looking for a tech savvy option for a digital, portable reading solution. Ok, now that you’ve got the 411 on what’s so special about the Kindle eReader, you’re ready to find out Where to Purchase a Kindle.