Where to Purchase iPad2 Wi-Fi

Finding Where To Purchase iPad2 is a little more challenging than most people realize.  A combination of factors has affected production for Apple, and this high-demand gadget is not always at the beck and call of the public.  Best Buy has a hard time keeping them in stock, and most retailers are reflecting back ordered status.  The one place we’ve found to consistently offer access to purchasing the iPad2 is Amazon.  But first things first, why buy one?

The iPad 2 is the newest version of the top rated tablet pc, and follows up Apple’s flagship iPad model with a few upgrades and enhancements that definitely distinguish it as a new model, without reinventing the wheel.  The iPad 2 has received some criticism about not being ‘different’ enough from the original iPad model, but honestly, when you have a formula for success that is as powerful and accomplished as Apple has with the iPad, why fix something that isn’t broken?

There are a few key differences that are really nice additions to the new iPad model, such as the body style, which is distinctly thinner and lighter this second go around.  The iPad 2 is also available in both black and white versions.  Video chat options are included on the iPad 2 with both front and rear facing cameras for still shots, video recording, and video chatting.  A faster processor comes on board this savvy super gadget, that delivers a performance that is a little faster, with increased strength in multitasking (which is already phenomenal on the iPad).

For the iPad 2 Wi-fi model, that is the extent of the upgrades, and otherwise provides the same functionality, size, capacity, features, and price as when the first gen iPad was released.  Since the release of the iPad 2, the iPad first gen has significantly dropped in price, as any previous generation device does when its new pride and joy is launched.  As far as disappointments go, the iPad 2 does not feature any improvement in screen resolution, offers mediocre photo quality, and requires adapters for its various ports: HDMI, USB, and SD (though we are pleased to see these ports included in the design).

The camera quality isn’t a huge deal in our opinion as we expect that most people will not use the cameras for still shots due to the size of the iPad in relation to holding it up and taking pics, making smartphones a more logical camera resource for still shots and video recording.  The primary advantage to the cameras being included on the iPad 2 is the video chatting. There is still no Adobe Flash support, which would enhance gaming and video presentation greatly, but as we stated in our iPad first gen review, we aren’t holding our breath on this one based on Steve Job’s disdain for Flash media player technology.

Another element that carried over from the original iPad model is its sales success.  Still out selling the competition, the iPad 2 broke records on its first day out, and we’re convinced that if it were more readily available and easier to snag, it would be even further down the record breaking trail by now.  We would not be surprised to see a picture of the iPad 2 being used as target practice by the competition as nobody seems to be able to really catch up to Apple, and the iPad just continues to dominate the tablet market, despite the popularity and performance of other brands, such as Android and Rim tablets.  Apple not only created the tablet market in one fell swoop, but has run the show since its inception, and continously has a huge number of fans trying to find out Where to Purchase Apple iPad2 models.

The iPad 2 Wi-Fi model offers the same wi-fi connectivity to users as the first gen model, and for those of you who are rarely outside of the wi-fi circle, its the ideal mobile entertainment device for you.  Like its predecessor, the iPad 2 Wi-Fi comes with three storage options, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.  If you are looking to save money on storage capacity, keep in mind that your iPad 2 wi-fi is compatible with PC and Mac, and files can easily be transferred between devices, meaning not every movie, game, or app has to always be stored on your iPad.

With Apple’s recently announced iCloud service, storage capacity may become less crucial thanks to virtual cloud storage that makes files accessible to all your Apple devices, without taking up valuable space on your iPad or iPhone.  It does not make storage on your iPad 2 obsolete as there will be some content in regards to media files, such as movies, which may not be included in the first generation of the iCloud, as well as any other files that are not not iCloud compatible, such as documents created from outside of the Apple family of resources.

The iPad and iPad 2 have become such a popular device among colleges and students that it is now part of the supply list at many colleges, and has become standard issue.  Many colleges offer access to e-textbooks, hence the iPad consolidates resources for students as well and eliminates that huge stack of books that you must lug around.  Taking notes, highlighting text, and multiple student apps that aid in studying, research, and organization make it the perfect tool for college students.

The iPad 2’s performance is as user friendly and innovative as ever, and the number and variety of apps optimized for the iPad is growing like wild fire.  There hasn’t been much talk of an iPad 3 as of late, and honestly, we can’t think of all that many tweaks that we’d die to see on the iPad.  Of course that won’t stop Apple from coming up with something new and fab, and like the rest of their adoring fans, we will sit on the edge of our seat, enjoying our iPad 2, but always wondering what Apple has up their sleeve next to knock our socks of.

In the 2011 WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Fransisco, Apple announced their iCloud service which will launch this fall with their new iOS 5.  This new service will revolutionize the Apple world of electronics as it is provides automatic syncing, backups, and cloud file storage across all your Apple devices.  The service will work over wi-fi connections, and once this service is in affect, data synchronization and backup will become automated and simplified, providing the opportunity for your Apple devices and gadgets to operate in virtual unison.

Apple’s iCloud will change the way you interact with iTunes, and virtually any file or app that you have on your iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac.  There will be a transition period in which not all apps and files will support the iCloud service, but once we’re through that brief window, its smooth sailing from there.  This should certainly wet your pallet somewhat if you are on the fence about the coolness factor of the iPad 2.  Find out Where to Purchase iPad2 Wi-fi Tablets.