Where to Purchase the HTC Thunderbolt 4G

The first Verizon 4G smartphone to hit the scene was the HTC Thunderbolt, and even though its been out a while, people are still looking high and low for Where to Purchase the HTC Thunderbolt 4G for the best price. Clocked by professional such as PCWorld, the Thunderbolt originally and quickly earned the prestigious reputation of having the fastest data speeds of any mobile smartphone, ever!  The results that earned them this rating came in as being five times faster than the phone in second place.  To say that this baby is fast is simply and understatement.  The Thunderbolt continues to reign as the fastest smartphone on the market.

The Thunderbolt sports the renowned 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, which clearly is a strong contributor to the phone’s speed.  You can have the fastest 4G LTE network between here and the Arctic Circle, but if your processor can’t handle it, you’re toast. The Thunderbolt accomplishes all this speed on a single core processor.  Simply amazing.

The processor is complimented nicely by the recently updated Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system (includes over-the-air upgrade to future versions of OS), which of course brings full Adobe Flash support, beautifully enhancing multimedia activity, web browsing, and gaming.  This blend of power and prestige delivers multitasking excellence, and presents all your movie watching, extreme gaming, and web pages with perfection.

You can enjoy all your multimedia, gaming and web browsing on the 4.3″ Super LCD display that includes capacitive multi-touch capabilities, light sensor, and proximity sensor for optimal visuals.  The dual cameras include a 8 mp camera for capture stills and 720p HD videos, while the 1.3 mp front facing camera facilitates video chatting.  The Super LCD display technology supports more than 16 million colors, ensuring a brilliant rendering of graphics and images.  This impressive multimedia powerhouse make it more than worth it to seek out Where to Purchase the HTC Thunderbolt 4G at the best possible value.

The HTC Sense UI is considered to be the best of 2011 by the experts, and by users, delivering a smooth, intuitive, efficient, and very user friendly experience.  It seems to work cohesively and well with the Snapdragon processor and the Android OS.  This is one UI overlay that doesn’t work against the rest of the inner workings of the phone, but rather serves to enhance and improve the phone’s performance.

Additional features that we appreciated include Bluetooth, microUSB, HTML web browser, on board GPS, Mobile Hotspot capability, onscreen QWERTY keyboard, Rockband Mobile, DLNA capability, access to corporate and personal email, pre-loaded social networking access, and full messaging capabilities.  You’ll be treated to Dolby Mobile+ SRS WOW HD surround sound for a truly high quality audio extravaganza.  All of these features scream on the Verizon 4G network.

Like the Droid Charge 4G, we do think that the price tag is a bit on the high side at $249 for Verizon’s price, so we highly recommend that you opt for the discounted pricing of one of the authorized retailers we provide to you in this review, where you’ll save up to $120 off the Verizon price tag, with prices starting at $129 for the HTC Thunderbolt.  This does soften the blow quite a bit!!

The one complaint that users of the Thunderbolt have brought forward is the battery life, something that future 4G smartphone releases have improved upon.  The solution is to purchase an extended power battery.  The extra cost stinks, but the improved performance was found to be worth it by most users.

We agreed with users that they were short changed on the battery life, and even with the release of newer 4G devices that don’t have this problem, we can still say we highly recommend the Thunderbolt due to its incredible speed and rock solid performance.  We definitely still feel that its worth it to learn Where to Purchase the HTC Thunderbolt 4G.  Although two newer 4G phones have launched on the Verizon 4G network, the Thunderbolt is still extremely popular, and still is a hot seller.  It doesn’t have to be the newest option to be sensational.