Where to Purchase T-Mobile 4G Phones

T-Mobile is one of four national mobile phone carriers, and is in the process of being acquired by AT&T, which has not stopped fans from searching out Where to Purchase T-Mobile 4G Phones.  While T-Mobile has had some really nice T Mobile 4G Phone devices launch during 2011, its 4G network leaves something to be desired with speeds of only 3x faster than Verizon’s 3G network.  Currently T-Mobile uses 4G HSPA+ technology, with no mention of an LTE upgrade to their service.

However, we are expecting that T-Mobile will be utilizing AT&T’s 4G LTE service as the two mobile brands become one.  T-Mobile may have the largest 4G network as far as coverage span goes, but when it comes to top speed, both Verizon and Sprint blow them out of the water.  AT&T’s upcoming LTE technology will of course change all that for T-Mobile, but if you’re looking for the 4G phenomenon on T Mobile New Phones right now, you won’t be getting the the fastest speed out there, at least not yet.

T-Mobile does boast to have the most streamlined and simplified service plans out there, which is a significant enticement to customers who have had plan pricing and billing issues with the other networks.  T-Mobile’s 3G services is business as usual, with a performance that is comparable to the other wireless carriers.  And despite their shortcomings in the 4G speed arena, the T Mobile 4G Phone selection is quite impressive.  Offering five high quality T-Mobile 4G Phones, consumers will have plenty to choose from when determining which one meets their specific needs, and choosing Where to Purchase T-Mobile 4G Phones.

As of right now, the T-Mobile 4G network doesn’t have a lot to make it stand out in regards to speed or service, other than the fact that their coverage is massive.  Thankfully for the brand, several of their T-Mobile 4G Phones do indeed stand out as high performers on multiple levels.

Below we’ve provided a brief window into the five 4G smartphones T-Mobile has to offer. While T-Mobile’s 4G service may not rival Verizon’s 4G LTE or Sprint’s 4G WiMax, it is by no means slow or sluggish, and still offers up a high quality experience, and decent data speeds.  It still beats 3G speeds, and is fully satisfying if you’re not in a smartphone speed race with Verizon, which most of us are not.   If you are interested in learning more about the latest T-Mobile 3G phones, then you can visit the T-Mobile Store on Amazon Wireless for the biggest discounts.

Excellent customer service also goes a long long way with consumers, and T-Mobile has it in excess with a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful customer support team.  Signing up for a new account or upgrading your existing account is quite simple with T-Mobile, and we all love an uncomplicated administrative experience with our wireless carriers.  Find out Where to Purchase T-Mobile 4G Phones at the best prices around.