Where to Purchase ATT Smart Phones

ATT New Phones released have literally been kicking butt and taking names as consumers flock to find out Where to Purchase ATT Smart Phones.  AT&T currently provides wireless service to 300 million people, so its safe to say that they are a pretty big network.  They currently offer 3G HSPA service, 4G HSPA+ service, and the recently launched 4G LTE wireless service.  There are currently three phones released for this even faster 4G LTE platform:  the HTC Vivid 4G, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4G, and the  Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

Their approach is to provide dual layered 4G network technology for a smoother, more consistent mobile broadband experience.  Their 4G HSPA+ network service provides data speeds which are 4x faster than their 3G HSPA speeds.  Other carriers claim that AT&T simply repackaged their 3G service, enhanced it a little, and called it 4G, however with a customer base the size that AT&T enjoys, they must be doing things right.

AT&T’s 4G speeds can now match Verizon’s with their new 4G LTE network.  We hope to soon be able to test out their LTE performance on even more new 4G phones.  Their previously released savvy AT&T 4G Phones, such as the Motorola Atrix 4G, HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G, and LG Thrill 4G all operate on AT&T’s HSP+ 4G service.  AT&T may not always be the first to bring the breakthrough technology, but they always do it in style once they get on board, and their 4G LTE platform is performing admirably thus far.  It is expected to roll out in increasing regions on a consistent basis.

Other recently released 4G phones which operate on their HSPA+ network include the Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Atrix 2, HTC Titan Windows Phone, and the Samsung Focus S Windows Phone.

This nation wide wireless carrier is able to boast providing the only mobile service that allows users to browse the web and access apps while talking on the phone.  Now that’s multitasking.  AT&T  is also not afraid to push the limits and try something new.  Their efforts to expand by acquiring the T-Mobile network are good examples of this, as well as the courage to introduce never before seen technology with their new ATT Smart Phones.

Take the Motorola Atrix 4G for instance.  This revolutionary phone not only won 11 awards at the 2011 CES in Las Vegas, including Best of CES in its respective category, but it brought options to the table that really pushed the boundaries of what smartphones are capable of.  The Atrix’ robust ecosystem of accessories allows this phone to transform into a laptop, desktop pc, or multimedia home theater.  These accessories are a little pricey, but did you ever picture your smartphone doubling as a laptop?  And if you purchase the Atrix at Amazon Wireless, you are eligible to get $100 off the Atrix Laptop Dock.  Is it any wonder that those looking for a new smartphone experience are looking high and low for Where to Purchase ATT Smart Phones?

AT&T has had its share of ups and downs over the years, but with the dramatic ways in which they are expanding their network, adding 4G LTE, and bringing high quality, innovative, and cutting edge 4G and 3G devices to the market, they are clearly demonstrating that they are able to run with the big dogs, and are not about to be left behind.  Even with Verizon Wireless cutting into their iPhone business, the predictions that they would have customers jumping ship right and left as the Verizon iPhone launched turned out to be not only false, but AT&T even experienced significant growth during that time frame.  Looks to me like they can hold their own as the four primary carriers continuously duke it out in the mobile wireless arena.

Below we have provided you with some information and one click access to the AT&T Phones that are the highest rated for them, along with information on Where to Purchase ATT Smart Phones.  Being an authorized retailer, Amazon has all of these phones on their Smartphone Bestsellers list, and all at discounted prices.  Find out which ones are the top 5 ATT Smart Phones and why they are so popular, as well as Where to Purchase ATT Smart Phones at the best possible price tag.