Where to Purchase the Samsung Nexus S 4G

The Samsung Nexus S 4G is one of the most recently released smartphones on the Sprint 4G WiMax network, and was one of the first smartphones to ship with the updated Gingerbread Android 2.3 operating system on board, earning a reputation for being of the first “pure Google” experience.  That alone was enough for many smartphone enthusiasts to run out and find Where to Purchase the Samsung Nexus S 4G.

The phone comes equipped with a strong processor, plenty of multimedia enhancing features, and everything that comes with the upgraded Anrdoid OS.  The phone’s rich feature set is comparable to recently released high-end 4G phones which are in the $250 – $300 price range, while the Nexus S 4G has a much much smaller price tag in tow, while not skimping on the extras.  High-end phone, low-end pricing, don’t we wish they all came with that type of set up?

So what is the Nexus S 4G made of?  Lets start with its processor which is the powerful 1 GHz Hummingbird processor manufactured by Samsung.  We really like when the device manufacturer is also the developer of the key components of the inner workings of the phone, such as the processor as you are pretty much guaranteed no compatibility issues. Naturally with a brand like Samsung, you are also guaranteed high quality and an exceptional performance.  This processor is fast and strong, and able to handle demanding requests, extreme multitasking, and virtually anything you can throw at it like its a walk in the park.

The latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system is on board, and brings with it a host of enhancements and improvements, such as a more refined interface, Voice Action features that allow you to perform nearly any task through voice commands, including accessing text messages, emails, navigation directions, opening of web pages, turning your phone on and off, and much more.  The Gingerbread OS features more intuitive navigation, improved top notification bar, new icons, and improved speed, as well as allowing you to operate one than one app at a time.  It is the creme de la creme of operating systems, and will please the ‘Android purists’ without fail.

This operating system delivers close encounters of the Google kind, with nice deep Google integration, providing a plethora of pre-loaded Google and Android applications and services with one touch access.  The voice activated commands are quite handy, triggering a variety of functions, such as your GPS, which is hands free convenience when you’re driving.

Multimedia experiences on the Nexus S are impressive with the nice 4″ Super AMOLED Contour capacitive multi-touch screen display.  This display is a cut above with its dedicated GPU for enhanced gaming, video and movie watching, and web browsing.  The Super AMOLED technology also enhances all your entertainment platforms with more vibrant, richer presentation for a command performance every time.  Multimedia fans will love all that this phone has to offer, and will be highly motivated to find Where to Purchase the Samsung Nexus S 4G.

You will get ample storage with the Nexus S at a nice 16 GB of internal memory.  Other goodies include Mobile Hotpsot capability, both a front and rear facing camera, video recording that features 720p HD with DVD quality, advanced video chatting options, and access to thousands of apps and games via the Android Market.  Being an Android powered phone also ensures that you are privvy to full Adobe Flash player support, providing an uncompromising multimedia performance each and every time. You’ll love the distinctive realism in your video game action with the 3 axis gyroscope.  The savvy, multimedia rich features clearly demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to creating a mobile entertainment platform within your smartphone’s ecosystem.

I’m sure after hearing everything that the Nexus S has to offer you’re expecting a big, hefty price tag, right?  How about NOT!  OK.  Let me clarify, not always.  Sprint is still tagging this phone at a reasonable, but not cheap $149.99.  However, if you’re smart, you’ll go with one of the Sprint authorized retailers, one of which has this phone priced starting at just $49.99, which is $100 less than Sprint’s price tag.  Pretty much a no brainer eh?

You get the same great Sprint service, just with a lower price tag attached.  You can learn more by checking out the pricing comparison area on this page that provides you with information and one click access to each of the retail partners Sprint authorizes to sell the Nexus S 4G.  Things we would have liked to see on the Nexus S are a memory card slot and LED notifications, but at $49.99, we can get used to a few small missing features.  Check out our information on Where to Purchase the Samsung Nexus S 4G at discounted prices with reputable authorized Sprint retailers.