Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 4G

The HTC Evo 4G from Sprint was the world’s very first 3G / 4G Android smartphone, it was the device that started it all, and remains as a hot seller, with a huge number of fans running after Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 4G!  The Evo 4G offers simultaneous voice and data connectivity, as well as data download speeds that are up to 10x faster than 3G service.  If you are not in an area that is not covered by 4G service yet, your Evo 4G will simply switch to 3G data services instead.  This sophisticated smartphone has earned itself a resounding 4.5 out of 5 stars from users, and continues to deliver an uncompromising performance in every respect.

You certainly get plenty of bang for your buck with the Evo 4G, which was designed to be full of advanced mobile communication and multimedia features with a strong focus on entertainment.  The Evo 4G features a brilliant 4.3″ capacitive multi-touch screen display and a built in kickstand for hands free viewing of videos, movies, TV shows, or video chatting.  Your 8 mp auto focus rear facing camera also captures 720p HD videos, while your 1.3 mp front facing camera is perfect for video chatting.

This revolutionary 4G smartphone is powered by the high quality 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, which has shown up in many of the top 4G phones hitting the streets recently.  The Evo 4G ships with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the latest Android operating system that brings with it a fast, refined interface, full Flash player support, deep integration of Google apps and services, Google Mobile services, dozens of pre-loaded Android and Google apps, and access to the Android Market, where you’ll find thousands of apps and games for your downloading pleasure.

One of the premiere features that drives consumers to seek out Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 4G at a great prices is the HTC Sense UI Experience, which is an award winning user interface overlay that complements the device perfectly, allowing you to create a customized mobile experience that is tailored to your specific needs.  It operates as smooth as silk, and never brings any clutter or conflict to the table.  The combination of critical elements such as the powerful Snapdragon processor, the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, and the robust and sophisticated HTC Sense UI are all reasons the Evo 4G continues to shine on the Sprint network, despite the newer phones clamoring for the same attention.

Additional features on the Evo 4G include Mobile Hotspot capability, microSD memory expansion, HDMI output, battery life that reaches up to 6 hours, virtual QWERTY keyboard, on-board GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated Sprint Services, and access to personal and corporate email.  Sprint offers 4G WiMax service, which has the fastest theoretical peak speeds of any 4G service in existence, including Verizon’s 4G LTE.  This means that Sprint offers the fastest data speeds of any U.S mobile carrier.

The design of the HTC Evo 4G is superb, with high quality build integrity, and a sleek, svelte body style that is lightweight, yet solid.  The only complaint we have with the Evo 4G is that the battery drains a little quicker than we would like.  Depending on how much you use your phone during the day, you may want to consider that you might have to charge the phone more than once per day if you use the 4G data service a large amount.

Other than that, we felt like the Evo 4G offers a really fantastic performance, superb data speeds, good call quality and clarity, and a powerful multimedia experience.  Like the rest of its users, we give the HTC Evo 4G a big thumbs up, and when you find its priced as low as one penny at some of the authorized sprint retailers, its hard to resist the Evo’s appeal.  Find out Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 4G at discounted prices with free shipping!