Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 3D 4G Smartphone

The HTC Evo 3D 4G Android smartphone is being released even as this review is being written.  Today is its first day on the market, and it is a day that 3D enthusiasts have been looking forward to indeed.  How do I know this?  Well, the fact that this phone made it to the top of the Amazon Smartphone bestsellers list before it was even available is a good indication that Sprint customers are pretty psyched about it.  And who can blame them for rushing out to find Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 3D 4G Smartphone.

It is, after all, the nation’s very first glasses free 3D smartphone to hit the streets, and not only does it provide an engaging 3D viewing experience, but this phone also takes 3D photos and records video in 3D as well.  You get to create your very own 3D content to enjoy, and that’s pretty exciting breakthrough technology for a mobile phone.

The big question is whether or not glasses free 3D sums up the Evo 3D 4G phone, which would hardly warrant the $199 Sprint price tag or even $179 Amazon Wireless price tag.  Yes, treats like 3D are exciting, but a smartphone that is really going to appeal to the masses will need to be more than just 3D eye candy.  A closer look at this phone, beyond the 3D features is definitely appropriate.

Lets start with the Evo 3D phone’s engine.  What powers all this 3D action?  Well no wimpy processor was going to do for this HTC creation, and instead you’ll find a robust 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor, delivering all the speed and power you need for smooth and demanding multitasking, multimedia perfection, and anything else you can think to throw at it.  Don’t run out to find Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 3D 4G Smartphone just yet, we’ve got even more reasons to justify this 3D marvel as a full 4G package.

The dual core processor is complimented by the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, which features a more refined feature set and functionality, new Voice Action feature that allow you to use voice commands in innovative new ways.  This 2.3 Android OS is considered the purest Google experience, with a deeply integrated Google platform, providing you with one touch access to a huge selection of pre-loaded Google apps and mobile services, Android apps, as well as access to the Android Market, where you’ll find thousands of apps and games to add to your phone.

When it comes multimedia experiences, the Android OS ensures that you also get full Flash player support, thereby delivering the best possible graphics, frame rates, and media performance, rendering your videos, movies, web pages and games with perfection.  You can enjoy all of your 3D and 2D content on the brilliant 4.3″ 3D qHD capacitive multi-touch display, which provides a nice big-screen experience for you, transforming our Evo 3D into a mobile entertainment and pocket sized movie theater.

The final deal-sealing feature that puts the Evo 3D over the top is the exclusive HTC Sense UI, which has been described by the mobile smartphone industry as the best user interface of 2011 hands down.  This innovative UI overlay meshes perfectly with the Android Gingerbread operating system, with both elements complimenting each others performance.  The HTC Sens UI comes with a plethora of features for social networking, media entertainment, document editing and viewing, and so much more!  It operates as smooth as silk, and is ultra user friendly to boot, making it a breeze to learn, simplifying the task of becoming acquainted with your new smartphone.

Additional features include Mobile Hotspot capability, Bluetooth connectivity, DLNA and HDMI HD content output, on-board GPS, pre-loaded Google mobile services, dual cameras for 3D still photo and video capture as well as video chatting, and so much more that its rather clear to see that the HTC Evo 3D is so much more than some high priced 3D eye candy.

Our overall take on it is that HTC combined three critical elements, a powerful and fast processor, the latest Android OS, and the top performing user interface on the market to create a truly impressive product with an exceptional performance.  When you couple that with the breakthrough glasses free 3D technology on the Evo 3D, you have a phone that sets itself far apart from the competition.

We would rate the Evo 3D as a high end phone, certainly comparable to the other 4G phones being released, including the the high-priced smartphones from Verizon that are priced at $249 – $299.  Sprint’s HTC Evo 3D is more reasonably priced at $199 going through Sprint directly, or $179.99 at Amazon Wireless.  That’s a nice $20 savings right off the bat.

As the phone gains traction and is on the scene for a while, the spread between the carrier price and the price tag at the authorized Sprint retailers usually widens significantly, and we will be updating our pricing information regularly.  For those of you who are chomping at the bit for this new 3D technology, we recommend the discounted Amazon pricing to save a few dollars.  One click access is provided in our price comparison area of this page so that you know precisely Where to Purchase the HTC Evo 3D 4G Smartphone.