Where to Purchase the HTC Inspire 4G

The HTC Inspire 4G was AT&T’s second 4G phone to be added to their network, and continues to be a hot seller, with a large number of fans looking for Where to Purchase the HTC Inspire 4G at any given time.  The Inspire offers an impressive performance at a truly reasonable price.  Starting at just one penny, you can get a smartphone that is savvy enough to offer the best user interface experience on the mobile technology market, a fast and efficient processor, full Flash Player support, the second largest touch screen display, and a high-end operating system.

Yes, I was pinching myself also when I saw what an incredible deal this was, and for lack of a better word, I found it to be quite the ‘inspiration’.  There are quite a few smartphones out that are comparable to the Inspire, or even offer a thinner feature set that cost quite a bit more, up to $199 and more.  So when I tell you this deal is impressive, I mean it.

The AT&T 4G network is faster than 3G service, but it isn’t the LTE 4G super highway just yet.  LTE is on the way, and with a phone like the Inspire, its worth exercising a little patience.  Now before you get turned off by having to wait for LTE to hit AT&T’s networks, remember that it wasn’t all that long ago that we were marveling at 3G speeds, and AT&T’s HSPA+ does offer you speeds up to 4x faster than 3G.  While its not the fastest possible speed, it isn’t slow either.

To ensure that the Inspire can take advantage of the optimal speeds on the AT&T HSPA+ network, you’ll find the super fast 1 GHz Snapdragon processor on board, meeting your need for speed, and delivering multitasking excellence and data download speeds, as well as the ultimate performance when playing games and surfing the web as well.  The Inspire ships with the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, but is equipped for OTA (over the air) updates to future operating system versions, such as the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread version.  So if the Inspire doesn’t ship with the new Gingerbread platform by the time you order, the update should be just around the corner.

The Android operating system offers rich integration of Google apps and services, such as Google Mobile Services, among many others.  You’ll get one touch access to tons of pre-loaded Android and Google apps, and access to the Android Market where you’ll find thousands of apps and games for your downloading pleasure. The Android operating system offers advanced multitasking, and each version brings a new suite of advanced features.  Do you even need any more reason to find out Where to Purchase the HTC Inspire 4G?

The Inspire features the highly rated HTC Sense UI experience, which is considered throughout the industry to be the best UI of 2011.  It provides a sophisticated interface overlay that compliments the Android OS, and provides an innovative and cutting edge experience while keeping it user friendly and easy to become acquainted with.  This UI offers some very impressive features, such as a consolidated view of all your social networking updates and posts right from your home page, as well as other unique file sharing and organizational options.  HTC Sense never clutters the phone’s operations, and always provides a smooth overall user interface experience.

You’ll find a nice big 4.3″ Super LCD capacitive touchscreen, which is ideal for all your multimedia, web browsing and video gaming action.  The Flash support ensures that you get the fastest frame rates and best possible visual quality every time.  While the Super LCD display isn’t quite the Super AMOLED Plus that you find on the Infuse, it is one of the nicest displays we’ve seen.  The colors are rich and vibrant, and the display is crisp and clear.  If you can’t have the Super AMOLED Plus technology, the the Super LCD is a close second.

Other nice features on the Inspire include an 8 mp rear facing camera with dual LED flash, 720p HD video capture, Dolby Mobile + SRS WOW HD Surround sound, on-board GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, DLNA capabilities, Mobile Hotspot capability, as well as USB tethering options, and virtual QWERTY keyboard.  Most phones offering a rich feature set like the Inspire are easily going for $100, $200, or more.

AT&T is offering the Inspire for $99.99, and while that is a good price for this high-end smartphone, we think one penny is even better, which is the price you’ll find at the authorized AT&T retailer Amazon Wireless. Individual upgrades will cost you just a penny also, while family account upgrades are priced at $69.99.  All discounted pricing requires a new 2 year AT&T service contract at time of purchase.  Find out Where to Purchase the HTC Inspire 4G at a huge discount right here.