Where to Purchase the HTC HD7 S Windows Phone

If you have Windows 7 on your home computer, then you are already familiar with the operating system on the highly rated Windows Phone 7 devices which are launching on all the main networks these days, such as the HTC HD7S Windows Phone which was recently released on the AT&T wireless network.  Users are falling hard for this sophisticated smartphone for several reasons, including its nice big 4.3″ touch screen display, its fast and capable processor, the WP7 user interface features, and the extra attention that HTC spent on the multimedia performance.  It won’t take much before you jump on the bandwagon to find out Where to Purchase the HTC HD7 S Windows Phone.

Lets start with the processor, it is after all, what makes any smartphone tick. A smartphone can have all the latest and greatest features under the sun, but if it doesn’t have an engine that can, well it won’t be doing much at all.  The HTC HD7S definitely sports the engine that can with a powerful 1 GHz Snapdragon processor to keep the juices flowing.  Your multitasking will be fast and efficient, with no slow-down or lag at all, while your multimedia will be able to play uninterrupted with this processor at the helm.

This snappy Windows Phone 7 device features a big, bold, and beautiful 4.3″ Super LCD touch screen display with a nice 800 x 480 resolution, supporting more than 16 million colors for intense, vibrant visuals that keep you glued to your screen.  For a convenient hands free wide screen movie mode, whip out the built-in kickstand and your very own mobile movie theater is set up.

The Windows Phone 7 operating system is already familiar to those who use the Windows 7 OS on their computers.  For those of your who don’t, no worries, WP7 is very intuitive and user friendly, and it will be ultra simple to become acquainted with your new HD7 S.  You have a full virtual QWERTY keyboard that makes text input super easy, especially when in landscape mode.  The proximity sensor, light sensor, and accelerometer ensure that changing orientations and visuals is not only streamlined and simplified, but also ensures that they are always where you need to be, always crisp and clear.  Now tell me you’re not tempted to find out Where to Purchase the HTC HD7 S Windows Phone.

The audio on the HTC HD7S is always at a premium level with the Dolby Mobile and SRS WOW HD surround sound system, and the handy FM radio gives you access to your favorite stations and shows.  For creating your own content, you’ve got a nice 5 mp camera with dual flash and autofocus for great pics, and high quality 720p HD video capture for recording life’s moment’s in High Def excellence.

The Windows phone 7 user interface facilitates the ‘Hub’ system, offering 6 different Hubs that provide instant access to Pictures, Games, People, Office, Music + Video, and the Marketplace.  You can customize your Hub experience using Live Tiles on your Start Screen that continuously scan the Web for updates about your world at a glance.  You have one button access to these various Hubs, as well as customizable program-ability, delivering a super friendly UI and highly enjoyable mobile experience.

All 6 of the Hubs are fantastic, and Xbox gamers will love the Games Hub that features built-in Xbox Live features that allow you to download new games, try it before you buy it, and challenge friends and other players to a game on the go.  You will have access to your Xbox Live avatar and gamer profile for managing your gaming activity, such as scores and win stats, or access the Windows Phone 7 ‘Spotlight tips, tricks and advice.

The HTC HD7S is full of rich features and sophisticated functionality that makes your mobile phone experience extraordinary.  AT&T is currently offering the HD7 S for $199, however we have provided you with access to two authorized AT&T retailers who offer the phone at a much lower price tag.  Find out Where to Purchase the HTC HD7 S Windows Phone and get the best deals imaginable.