Where to Purchase Samsung Focus Windows Phone

Though its been on the scene for a while, consumers are still hot to find Where to Purchase the Samsung Focus Windows Phone.  The Samsung Focus  was one of the very first smartphones offering the Windows Phone 7 operating system and user interface, and it even though its been out on the streets for some time, it is still a popular seller, and still earning glowing reviews and high marks.  This doesn’t really surprise us too much. Samsung is known for their high quality smartphone releases, and the Windows Phone 7 platform has really grown into a strong presence on the mobile market.  Each of the primary national wireless carriers has added multiple Windows Phone 7 to their portfolio, and AT&T was fortunate enough to land the Focus on their network.

The Samsung Focus is designed to bring some fun to your mobile phone experience, as well as make it easy to access what you need for catching up on some work.  The Windows Phone 7 platform makes it super easy to view and edit your Office documents for school or work, or to enjoy your favorite movies and pictures with remarkable clarity and substance.  The feature rich WP7 user interface coupled with the fast and efficient processor deliver all the critical elements that keep you productive and entertained.

Whether you are working or playing, you get a great view on the phone’s 4″ Super AMOLED touchscreen display, providing a vibrant, rich, and simply stunning rendering of your videos, movies, video games, and web pages.  Text input is easier and faster on this big touchscreen with this smartphone’s full virtual QWERTY keyboard, particularly in landscape mode.  The phone offers simultaneous talk and data use, so you can enjoy this big, bold, brilliant big-screen display even when you’re chatting it up.

Multitask with ease thanks to the crazy fast 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  Your need for speed is easily satisfied with this powerhouse processor, and you are guaranteed no lag time or slow-down during your multimedia or web browsing.  You’ll get fast downloads, extreme gaming action, and an overall super performance.  A smartphone is only as powerful as its processor, and the Samsung Focus can boast enormous strength.

The Windows Phone 7 platform offers some truly unique features, such as the Xbox Live features that bring your Xbox gaming action right to your smartphone.  You’ll be able to download new games, try it before you buy it, and enjoy exciting video gaming on the go.  You can access your Xbox Live avatar and gaming profile to track your mobile gaming conquests, or challenge friends to a fresh gaming extravaganza.

The WP7 People Hub helps you stay connected and manage your social networking activity easily and with quick access.  You can customize your home page using Live Tiles that dynamically update as they scan the web for updates continuously to keep you updated in everything happening in your mobile world, which is just one of the savvy Mobile Hubs that the WP7 offers to appeal to users, driving them to find out Where to Purchase the Samsung Focus.

Other fantastic features and options included on the Samsung Focus Windows Phone are on-board GPS, digital compass sensor, text and video/picture messaging, access to both personal and corporate email, microUSB port, Bluetooth connectivity, 8 GB internat memory with memory expansion card slot, and so much more!!  Its not just a cool phone with some cool features.  Its a distinct experience, a sophisticated way to manage your mobile moments, and it won us over with its consistently strong performance, versatility, and feature rich platform.

AT&T is offering the Samsung Focus Windows Phone for $49.99.  We’ve located two authorized AT&T retailers who are offering the Focus for starting at the affordable low price of free.  Find out Where to Purchase the Samsung Focus for free right here!