Apple Being Secretive Concerning Solar Power Patents

As word leaks out about Apple being granted a patent for solar powered portable devices, it is certainly enough to pique our interest. Yes, we can’t help but speculate as to which of their beloved, savvy gadgets or computers they are adding solar technology to. Or, could it be some kind of brand new Apple creation that we’ve never seen before?

Its rather easy to consider just how convenient a solar powered iPod Touch could be.  Unlike laptop and desktop computers, the iPod Touch is used most often away from power sources and outlets, such as in the car, while exercising, while waiting in lines or simply anywhere while on the go.  With Skype and FaceTime turning the iPod Touch into and entertainment – communication device, it is being used for even more functions, hence its power source is being drained more quickly.  It is also used for long periods of time, making a solar power source extremely valuable to a device such as this.

I would also love to see the solar power option added to laptops.  I often like to go to a coffee shop or bookstore to work just for the change of scenery or to get out of the house.  More often than not, my time at the off-site location is minimized by  not getting lucky enough to find a seat near an outlet.  If my laptop offered solar power options, I wouldn’t need to worry about that!!

It has been suggested by some websites that the patent application was submitted under an engineer’s name rather than the Apple brand to maintain secrecy. This most recent patent approval is Apples fourth solar-power patent, and they are have covered so much ground with the patents that you really can’t begin to guess what they may have up their solar sleeves.

Several solar initiatives have cropped up in the last few years to address the problem of recharging mobile devices when AC power is not available including solar chargers and solar powered phones.

Apple has been extra busy this past year as they have been granted 563 patents in 2010 alone.  Which Apple product would you like to see be released using solar power?


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