Samsung Galaxy Player New Rival to iPod Touch

Samsung is after Apple again, and this time the competition is directed at the beloved Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation.  The savvy new device is expected to be debuted at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January 2011, and is considered by some to be a heavyweight contender to the iPod Touch 4g.  While Apple fans such as myself will consider such a claim as unvalidated at this point, even I am wondering if its possible that the iPod Touch will be given a run for its money when the Galaxy Player is released.

While the full scope of features and functionality is yet to be released, Samsung has began marketing the Galaxy Player and has revealed some of its key features, such as the fact that it will run on the Android 2.2 and sport a 1GHz processor.  The full color touchscreen is 4.4″, and nicely facilitates the HD video playback.

The Samsung Galaxy Player also features dual cameras, (rear and front facing), as well as Bluetooth 3.0 and wi-fi.  Apps will be available through the Android Market, and the device’s design is very similar to the Galaxy S smartphone.  While we haven’t been shown anything yet that trumps the iPod Touch 4g, if the price is right, and the Galaxy Player can match the iPod Touch’s performance, then Apple may have a legitimate contender on their hands.

To learn more about the highly popular iPod Touch 4G with its savvy new features and impressive performance, you can visit the Amazon iPod Touch Store.

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