Where To Purchase Nook Color

The Nook Color by Barnes & Noble has been the only full color dedicated ebook reader on the market for some time, and while scads of book worms are consistently seeking out Where to Purchase Nook Color, the device has been unable to overtake the Kindle in market share. The Nook Color 2011 device stands out from the crowd with a distinct presence in the digital reading market that has yet to be duplicated by any other dedicated ereader device.  There is no denying that the full color aspect of the Nook Color takes digital reading to a whole new level.  However this impressive reputation may shifting somewhat, and the reason may surprise you.

No, its not that the Nook Color has lost ground to the competition, or that a severe bug in the hardware or software has been discovered.  Rather, the Barnes and Noble Color Nook has undergone some major firmware updates and enhancements in recent months, and these updates, enhancements, and feature additions have conceptually altered the designated category that the Nook Color 2011 falls into.  No longer is this full color beauty a dedicated ereader, but is now considered to be the ‘Reader’s Tablet’, acting more like an Android tablet targeted to the digital reading community than just an ereader with some cool features.

The Nook Color 2011 has access to apps which have been optimized for the device, and the number of available apps increases daily.  Other new additions include full featured email capabilities, an enhanced Web experience complete with the integration of Adobe Flash player support, ensuring that you have access to every site on the Web in a PC like Internet experience, an exclusive App Store full of apps that have been optimized for use on the Nook Color 2011, Nook Friends, which is a social networking platform for those who love to read, Enhanced Nook Books that have embedded audio and video, and the Nook Kids picture book reading experience has been enhanced to become an even more engaging experience where children can interact with characters in the story and participate in fun activities.

Its easy to see how the Nook Color 2011 got the title of the Reader’s Tablet.  This device certainly behaves on a much more sophisticated and robust level than any of the dedicated digital readers on the market, easily making it one of the most sought after gadgets of the year, with consumers scrambling to learn Where to Purchase Nook Color for the best value.

While there is a nice selection of tablet functionality on the Nook Color, enough in fact for many review sites, such as CNET to place this device in their tablet reviews section, this savvy ereader-slash-tablet comes in at only half the price of an iPad or most of the Android tablets.  It is the best of both worlds, rolled up into one convenient package.  Now that we’ve discussed the upgrades, lets take a look at the innovative features that have been included in many a Color Nook Review since its debut to the digital reading market.

First we’ve got a nice 7″ VividView Color Touchscreen display that integrates best in class technology for displaying over 16 million colors, and also provides an extra wide viewing angle for your own personal use or for sharing. We found the touchscreen to be highly responsive, and to facilitate smooth, user friendly navigation.  The color touchscreen dramatically enhances your enjoyment of graphic rich content, such as magazines, or books with full color images, and allows for a really impressive experience on the enhanced Nook Books.  Children’s books really come to life with the full color interface, captivating children in an imaginative and vibrant world.  It is a component in which no other dedicated ereader has been able to compete with even before the Nook Color moved into tablet real estate.

The Barnes and Noble ebook store is massive, with over 2 million titles, and close to 1 million of them are free and available for instant download. The majority of paid books are $9.99 or less, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions are reasonably priced as well.  You can always sample any book at no cost before you buy it to make sure its something you’re interested in.  The Nook Color also supports EPUB loans from public libraries, as well as book lending with the LendMe feature that allows you to borrow from and loan to your Nook Friends.  You’ll have access to thousands of magazine and newspaper subscriptions, all in rich, full color presentation.

All of the mainstream popular titles are included in the Nook NewsStand, such as US Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, and NY Times, as well as many niche and specialized options as well.  You can try any magazine subscription for free for 14 days.  There are multiple customizable settings and preferences to tailor fit your article reading experience to reflect exactly what you enjoy.

Another reason you may seek out information on Where to Purchase Nook Color is because you can personalize your Nook Color and customize many parts of your experience, from the way you organize your home page and book shelves, to your font size and color options, and even ‘decor’ with the capability to download photos and videos to your Nook Color 2011.  ‘Music and More’ facilitates being able to listen to music on your Nook Color, whether its your own MP3 files loaded onto your NookColor, or your favorite tunes on Pandora internet radio, you can jam out using the built-in music apps and media player.  There is also a nice selection of free, pre-installed game apps on your Nook Color, including popular options such as Soduku, Chess, and Crossword Puzzles.

Other nice features on the Nook Color include virtual bookmarking, highlighting, note taking, 8 GB of internal storage with memory expansion up to 32 GB, special in-store offers and free reading in store, built-in Wi-fi, and much more.  The Nook Color 2011 is a library without limits, and a reading experience that is enhanced with a tablet like platform.  The Nook Color is what I went with for my 17 year old, and she uses it more than her computer or iPod due to the instant Facebook access, the web browsing and the Pandora app.  She is never without it.

A few areas where we would like to see improvement would be the battery life.  An 8 hour limit is very wimpy compared to the 2 month life span of the e-ink readers.  We would also like to see a user replaceable battery in there, which is currently not the case.  We are also hoping that at some point that apps for the Nook Color will be available in the Android Market on a much larger scale.  Other than that, we’re pretty won over by this Reader’s Tablet, and I was one of the first individuals looking for Where to Purchase Nook Color.

If the features and functionality on the Nook Color 2011 are really more than  you’re looking for and you’re more interested in a simplified dedicated ebook reader, then you’ll want to check out the options to Purchase a Nook 2011 or Where to Purchase a Kindle.