Where To Purchase a Nook

One of the primary competitors to the Amazon Kindle is the Nook, a high performance ereader that does its best to give the Amazon ebook reader a run for its money. Barnes and Noble offers two variations of their ereader device, the Nook Wi-fi and the NookColor. The Nook Wi-fi has undergone a drastic re-design recently, as well as a nice price slash down to $139, the same prices as the Kindle wi-fi device, sporting an updated body style, features, and functionality.

The Nook Color has also undergone dramatic enhancements this year, and is now considered to be more of an ereader hybrid tablet device wihout the tablet price tags.  These two high quality products and their makeovers during 2011 have certainly motivated book worms to seek out Where to Purchase a Nook device at the best possible price.

Our reviews on Nook products are designed to provide you with detailed information to help you in determining which of the Barnes and Noble Nook devices is right for you.  Even with the reduced pricing on the Nook wi-fi, deciding to purchase a Nook product should be made with careful consideration to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, and that you end up with an eReader that will not only meed your needs, but also put a nice big smile on your face.  We recommend you read both our Reviews on Nook and our Color Nook Review, and follow the one click access we’ve provided to learn more about both of these products before inquiring about Where to Purchase a Nook.

While Amazon has held the majority of the ereader market share, Barnes and Noble is close on their heels, and with the changes made to their ereader lineup this year, many professional review sites such as CNET have made statements such as “The New Nook beats the Kindle.”  Cnet also awarded the Editor’s Choice award to this new ereader, indicating that B&N knows exactly what they are doing as they take steps to give their devices a new competitive edge.

With both devices supporting book lending as well as borrowing books from the public library, you can have an unlimited supply of ebooks at your disposal without breaking the bank.  Barnes & Noble has over 2 million titles available for their Nook ereader devices, with thousands of free titles, and most paid titles priced at $9.99 or less.

Below you will find a brief description and one click access to our reviews on Nook and Color Nook review, as well as access to learn more right from the horse’s mouth.  We’ve provided information on Where to Purchase a Nook from both Barnes and Noble and their authorized retailers so that you can find the best possible pricing around.  It won’t be long before you see why everyone is getting hooked on the Nook.

We won’t be surprised when our information on Where to Purchase a Nook device gets you pretty excited about Barnes and Noble’s line of eReaders which are intent on trying to take over in the ereader market.