Where to Purchase Kindle DX

We are not only dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive review of the Kindle DX, but we also want to give you any details that will help you determine if the DX model is right for you, such as Where To Purchase the Kindle DX, and how much you should expect to spend on the device.  This page will provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision for your eReader purchase.

The Kindle DX is for readers who prefer a larger display, which is ideal for multiple types of reading material, such as PDFs, graphic rich books, periodicals, and blogs.  The display on the Kindle DX is 2.5 x the size of the Kindle Wi-fi and Kindle 3G, rendering impressively rich and crisp text and images on the high contrast 9.7″ screen.

Global 3G wireless connectivity comes on board the DX, so you can download books on the go, anywhere, anytime, and a computer is never required to operate or download to your ereader.  You can auto rotate the DX screen simply by turning the device, which comes in handy for reading maps, tables, graphs, or web pages.  The DX does not offer wi-fi connectivity, but you don’t really need it when you have 3G service, which provides you with an Internet connection no matter where you are.

You have the same large storage capacity, tools, access to games and interactive content, and Pearl Ink technology as the other Kindle models.  The Kindle DX provides instant access to Twitter and Facebook for posting your favorite passages to share with friends and family, and the same book lending features as the other Kindle models.  The primary feature that sets the Kindle DX apart from its counterparts is its size.  Although the DX is significantly bigger than its Kindle siblings, it is still ultra portable with a very thin and sleek body style to keep it lightweight and highly mobile.

The Kindle DX is a highly functional digital ereader for those who need larger print to enjoy their favorite books and periodicals.  The larger screen on the DX allows for comfortable reading even when the font is larger and less text shows.  The increased reading area size allows for more text to be viewed when using a larger font option.

The Kindle library provides over 950,000 book titles, audio book titles, and periodicals to choose from, with many of them being free!  Built-in access to Wikipedia provides you with one touch access to this popular virtual encyclopedia, another valuable resource on the DX. New features to the Kindle DX such as popular highlights, PDF pan and zoom, font options, collection categorizing, and password protection allow you to customize your digital reading experience in multiple ways.

The read to text feature allows your Kindle to read to you while you sit back and relax and listen to your favorite book being read out loud.  This is also a great feature to keep kids who are not of reading age yet entertained in the car, doctor’s office, or any place you need some quick kid friendly entertainment.  The large DX screen will provide a great option for kids to view the pictures in their favorite story books.

The Kindle DX is not for everyone, and if you’re looking for Where To Purchase Kindle DX, then you should be well aware of the pros and cons.  It is larger and bulkier, making it slightly less convenient to travel with or to take on the go, and the higher price is a little hard to swallow when the device does not have any of the savvy tablet like functions that the NookColor offers for $130 less.  Despite these few negatives, the Kindle DX is a huge seller on Amazon, and gets extremely positive reviews.

The Kindle DX comes in at a higher price tag, but it is certainly an enhanced, big-screen reading experience that is unmatched by the other ebook reader brands.  Currently there is no ad-supported, less expensive version of the Kindle DX.