LittleBig Planet 2 PS3 Game To Debut with More Frills and Thrills

The highly anticipated release of LittleBig Planet 2 video game for the PS3 is on the horizon, and players are beside themselves with excitement.  The award winning game has become one of the most popular PS3 games on the market, and is a family friendly puzzle platforming game that allows players to create advanced content, including their very own games, complete with original setting, features, and functionality, all of which can be shared with the LittleBig Planet  Online Network.

The game features of the newest installment of LittleBig Planet include access to story mode, with more than fifty pre-loaded game levels featuring an all new storyline.  Players can take advantage of a plethora of editing tools and resources for creating full scale games, and use brand new gadgets in LBP2 that include Power Gloves which allow players to toss and move large objects, the Creatinator for items that help you platform, and a grappling hook for platforming.

LittleBig Planet 2 offers 4 player multiplayer support online and offline in created games using new abilities and savvy features.  You can add, program, and manipulate non-player characters to do your bidding in-game using AI Sackbots.  To have fun sharing your unique creations with friends, you can the new cinematic cut scene maker, which also allows you to create customer cut-scenes for use in the game.  Don’t want to loose the content you created in the original LBP?  No problem.  LBP2 is compatible with all of the contented you created in the original game.

LittleBig Planet 2 will be released for purchase on January 18th, and is available for pre-order.

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