DC Universe Online Brings PS3 Into MMORPG Scene

DC Universe Online is creating all kinds of buzz around the virtual gaming world, and is taking console gaming to a whole new level as it introduces the PlayStation 3 to the MMORPG platform.  The DC Universe Online is the first MMORPG for the PS3, and is being pre-ordered by the masses.  The game features the imaginative and creative world of DC Super Heroes and Villains in a dynamic and vibrant 3D virtual environment, including hot spots that players will recognize from the comics, including Metropolis and Gotham City.

DC Universe Online provides players with an opportunity to become immersed in the interactive game as either a force of good or evil by either playing alongside or against their favorite Super Heroes or Villains.  The game includes DC comic favorites such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Joker, to name a few.  Players will find extreme customization as they create their hero or villain as a part of the impressive and highly advanced, feature rich gaming interface.

To be a part of the MMORPG community, players will have to subscribe to a $15 monthly fee, which is a lot to ask after a $50+ price tag on the game, but the technology and multi-player functionality is so innovative and sophisticated that CD Universe Online will be irresistible to most PS3 RPG gaming enthusiasts.  The DC Universe Online Video Game will available for the PS3, and is scheduled for release on Jan 11, 2011. 

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