AT&T to Start Selling the Kindle Next Week

AT&T announced today that it will begin selling the Amazon Kindle at more than 2,000 of its retail stores nationwide beginning March 6.

As the exclusive provider of wireless 3G technology for the Kindle, the mobile company believes it’s the next logical step in boosting revenue from more than just mobile contracts and has already begun selling the Apple Ipad, reports Businessweek.

“We believe we should have in our stores devices that we connect, whether it has our brand on it or not,” said AT&T’s emerging device president, Glenn Lurie. “We think we’ll sell a few; it helps Amazon, it helps us.”

For Amazon, it will be another place where people can go and  try out their bestselling e-book reader, for themselves even if they don’t buy right away. They will be able to see the Kindle near the Ipad and other gadgets, and this can only help the product in terms of marketing, states the San Francisco Chronicle

“Amazon has without question pioneered the eReader space with Kindle, and it’s exciting to not only connect this device through our network, but now offer it in our stores to readers around the country,” said AT&T’s Lurie in a press release. “As the first dedicated eReader offered in our stores, we are confident the Kindle will be an attractive addition to our in store connected devices lineup,” he added.

Amazon, through Kindle VP, Mike McKenna, also expressed enthusiasm at the deal reached with AT&T. “Customers tell us they love Kindle 3G because of its light weight, battery life of up to one month, and advanced paper e-ink display that works in direct sunlight. Customers love being able to think of a book and be reading it in less than 60 seconds thanks to AT&T’s wireless network.”

According to a joint AT&T and Amazon press release, the Kindle can store up to 3,500 books at a time, and the Kindle library has over 810,000 books to choose from, including new releases and 107 of 111 New York Times Best Sellers. The vast majority of kindle books (670,000 of them) are $9.99 or less, including 79 of the New York Times Best Sellers.

Learn more about the Kindle in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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