Kindle Leads eBook Reader Market On Through Holidays

The Amazon Kindle is by far the top selling ebook reader on the market, and has dominated 47% of the market even on their worst day in sales this year.  Their drop to 47% was due to the introduction of the Apple iPad device which has ebook reader capabilities, not to mention the Kindle app as well.  Amazon released three distinct, enhanced Amazon Kindle models this year, each of which sports a slimmer design, enhanced contrast and display features, increased storage, and built in wi-fi and 3G capabilities.

The Kindle’s two main competitors are the Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Apple iPad.  While the Nook Color out performs the Kindle on several levels, including the full color touchscreen that is not available on the Kindle, neither the Nook nor iPad have been able to catch up to the Kindle in sales.

The Kindle may not be savviest ebook reader of the three, but it does offer a phenomenal electronic book reader experience, and offers the most affordable price starting at only $139.  To find out more about the Kindle Wi-fi, Kindle 3G + Wi-fi, and the Kindle DX, visit the Amazon Kindle Store to see a breakdown of the features and functionality of the Kindle to determine which one is perfect for you!!

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