Where To Buy Survival Gear: Survival Preparedness Guide

Survival preparedness means taking steps to ensure your successful survival of any dire man-made or natural emergency situation before it happens. And survival gear, survival gadgets and other disaster preparedness response tools were designed to do just that, whether very basic or incredibly complex. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of money in some instances to make a major and positive impact on your situation. Sometimes an item as commonplace as a book of matches can mean the difference between perishing because of a disaster, or thriving in spite of it. And any time that you can find out where to buy survival gear that provides multiple functions from one piece of equipment, you maximize your chances of survival with minimal weight and bulk.

For instance, some solar powered batteries have multiple connections that can charge your cell phone, act as standard batteries for a radio or flashlight, or even be used to start a fire. And there is no end to the number of 5-in-1 survival gadgets available on the internet that provide multiple necessities or functions. Water purification tablets take up almost no space at all, and can turn a potentially deadly water source into potable if foul tasting drinking water. But no survival preparedness tools can help you if you are unsure how to use them. That’s why you should take all your disaster preparedness response tools and survival gear for a test drive before stowing them away for the proverbial rainy day.  Read on to find out the value of and where to purchase survival gear that can save your life during the critical few hours of an emergency or disaster.

When a blizzard hits and knocks out all your power, meaning no heat, light or fuel for cooking, it is not the best case scenario to be acquainting yourself with your gas powered generator’s owner’s manual for the first time. And don’t forget that survival preparedness can often be as simple as keeping a set of foul weather clothing ready and available at a moment’s notice. You can’t get more simplistic than a compass when it comes to survival gear, but this small and inexpensive lifesaver is unfortunately not found in many homes.

And while many homes have at least one flashlight, this most basic of all survival gadgets won’t offer much assistance if it’s batteries are dead. Survival preparedness is only as good as the quality of your survival gear, and this means performing regular maintenance on your disaster preparedness response tools and other survival gadgets. That means regularly checking that your emergency alkaline batteries are fresh, rechargeable batteries are fully charged and ready to go, you replace match books and boxes of matches frequently, and you keep any metal or steel survival gear oiled and rust-free.  Finding out where to purchase survival gear and gadgets is the first step, but there’s definitely more to it than that.

One of the smartest survival gadgets that is inexpensive enough to purchase for every member of your family is a pre-assembled survival pack. This small kit will often contain some type of fire starter, a minimal amount of food, a mirror or some other signaling item, a compass, a small flashlight, a poncho with reversible reflective coating and water purification tablets. This is an indispensable piece of survival gear that takes up almost no storage space and can be purchased online.

And what discussion of survival preparedness would be complete without mentioning the trusted camping knife. There are even survival knives made that contain a screw off cap at the bottom of the handle which reveals a few matches, water purification tablets, and even fishing line and hook. That is multitasking survival gear at its finest, and no survival preparedness plan should be without such a versatile piece of equipment. And speaking of versatility, a simple plastic trash bag has 101 uses in a survival situation. You can use it to catch water, fashion it into a rain poncho, windproof your shelter or waterproof your footwear, just to mention a few uses.

No matter what survival gear or survival gadgets you decide to keep on hand as a part of your disaster survival plan, it is important that you formulate a plan of action in advance of any man-made or natural disasters. So take the time now to choose which disaster preparedness response tools make the most sense for your particular situation, and your survival preparedness efforts will pay off when the next crisis hits.  This guide will provide you with information on where to buy survival gear that can make all the difference for you in the first days following an emergency or disaster.  To see additional information on purchasing survival gear other than the products we have featured here, you can visit a more extensive consumer guide of survival gear and gadgets.