Where To Purchase TurboFire

TurboFire® is a revolutionary new intense cardio conditioning and core strengthening fitness program developed by renowned fitness trainer Chalene Johnson, who also created the popular Turbo Jam program.  Cardio enthusiasts are avidly seeking out Where to Purchase TurboFire at the best value to begin working towards their fitness and weight loss goals. A unique and advanced technique allows you to burn up to 9x more fat and calories than the traditional cardio strategy allows.

The program combines 12 workouts that provide everything you need to loose weight and trim down in only 90 days.  The program includes more than 20 sizzling hot music remixes, with workouts perfectly choreographed to each song, ensuring there is plenty of fun to go along with all that work!  There is a ‘New to Class’ feature that provides you with a specific how-to breakdown on the exercises and moves, and how to do them with proper form for optimal results.

The TurboFire® workouts are a combination of dance and kickboxing routines that are designed using HIIT techniques.  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and has been proven to burn up to 9x more fat and calories than the traditional cardio workouts.  The HIIT moves that Chalene has incorporated into the TurboFire® workouts are known as ‘Fire Drills’, which are actually 1 minute intervals where you are working at your maximum level.  As a result, you experience accelerated results, and your body continues to torch calories up to 24 hours following your workout, rendering 4 minutes of HIIT exercises more effective than thirty to forty-five minutes of stair climber or treadmill activity.

So what makes HIIT so very effective, catapulting TurboFire® into one of the most sought after cardio conditioning programs on the market?  Its simple really.  When you are working out at your maximum level in short (less than 1 minute) intervals, your aerobic and anaerobic energy release dramatically improves, triggering your metabolism to accelerate, burning calories faster, up to 9x faster in fact.  More stored body fat is burned, which helps you recover from the workout effectively as well.

The intense interval sessions fatigue your muscle groups, igniting your body to work extra hard to provide oxygen to replenish your tired muscles, effectively creating a powerful AfterBurn Effect which can continue for up to 24 hours following the workout.  Yes, it is impressive, and makes it easy to see why so many fitness enthusiasts are anxious to find out Where To Purchase TurboFire.

Trainer and fitness innovator Chalene Johnson has made the quality of the ‘fun factor’ a priority in her TurboFire® program.  She has custom designed invigorating music and beats to combine with perfectly choreographed routines, making the workouts so much fun that you can forget you’re even working out.  The music is energetic and motivating, pushing you to kick higher, pump those arms higher, and work harder.  You’ll workout at a level you weren’t even aware you were capable of.

The TurboFire® program is equally effective for both males and females, and may be slightly more appealing to women due to the dance components of the workouts.  However the TurboFire® workout routines are not geared only for women, and are much more athletic and powerful than you may suspect.  The ‘fire drills’ are significantly less choreographed than the original Turbo Jam program, and the workout is undeniably effective for both male and female.  Many male reviews indicate that they’ve combined the cardio elements of TurboFire® with their P90X workouts for maximum results and weight loss.

TurboFire® is an advanced fitness program, and is one of multiple Beachbody products, all of which are high quality, effective exercise and fitness programs, including popular systems such as P90X and Insanity, and also beginner fitness programs as well, such as Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer among others.  Regardless of your fitness level, Beachbody has the perfect workout program to meet your specific fitness and health goals.  Along with information on Where to Purchase TurboFire, you will also find videos and user reviews to ensure you get a balanced and detailed pallet of information to equip you for making a truly informed determination regarding this product.

Please consult your physician before trying a new fitness program.