Verizon Changes Tune on Unlimited Data Plan for Upcoming iPhone Release

Verizon has decided to keep their $30 unlimited data plan in an effort to remain competitive in drawing AT&T iPhone customers their way.  AT&T has eliminated their unlimited data plans for new customers, and has switched to a multi tier usage based platform.  Existing AT&T customers already on a contract were grandfathered in with their existing unlimited data plans.  Verizon feels that if they were to eliminate their unlimited data plan, they would jeopardize their ability to recruit AT&T customers over to their network, something which many experts predict will occur in large numbers, but not large enough to do significant damage to AT&T’s revenue.

Until now, AT&T has been the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, and has gotten a tremendous number of customers simply by being the only one offering service for the iPhone, with me being one of them.  The only reason I signed up with AT&T is because I wanted the awesome iPhone.  I personally have had no problems with my service with AT&T, however in hearing that my area is not one that will have access to the new 4G network with AT&T, I will be looking into what it will cost me to switch over to Verizon and have access to a faster network service.   Due to being on a contract, I may need to wait a little while, but unless AT&T expands their 4G network, and does it quickly, I’m outta there. The initial Verizon iPhone will only be 3G compatible, but we are expecting the iPhone 5 to operate on Verizon’s 4G network.

Verizon’s choice to keep their unlimited data plan is great news for Verizon customers, and it will no doubt entice many an iPhone lover over to this savvy cellular carrier that just keeps giving us more and more reasons to veer over to Verizon.  Smartphones have become powerful tools in our daily lives, and the iPhone is not the only sophisticated and savvy smartphone out there.

The Verizon iPhone will be available for online order for existing customers on February 3rd, and available for purchase in stores on February 10th.


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