NHL’s Greatest Player Turns 50: Happy Birthday Wayne Gretzky!

Wayne Gretzky, considered to be the NHL’s greatest player of all time, has hit the 50 on Wednesday, Jan 26th, and remains the record holder for the most goals with a total of 894 during his incredible career.  He is also the record leader in assists and points, and  nobody is expecting to see any of these records broken, and certainly not anytime soon.  Gretzky is, by anyone’s measuring stick, a legend in his own right.

Gretzky played his last professional hockey game over a decade ago, and still remains as one of the three most favored celebrities, and in a recent survey was rated higher than Celine Dion, basketball star Steve Nash, and former governor general Michaelle Jean.  Canadians and Americans alike have held Gretzky in high regard all this time, and continue to reminisce of the NHL’s greatest hockey player and his astounding career.

As Gretzky’s birthday approached, various media outlets all around the world celebrated his accomplishments, posted videos and pictures, and repeated in resounding unison the glory of his impressive career.  None has come after him that has been able to measure of to his performance, or even come close to breaking any of his NHL records.

NHL.com has posted an assortment of pictures, charts, and data from Greztky’s career, and Larry Brooks in the New York Post quoted Gretzky as saying that he’d “be willing to suit up again for the rangers …..in an old timer’s game”.

Gretzky briefly coached the Phoenix Coyotes, but had a falling out with the NHL league, and never returned for any further involvement with the league.  Fans and players have been calling for his return to the league in some shape or form, but neither party has reached out to see anything like that happen to our knowledge.  Wayne Gretzky will remain the NHL player and legend in our hearts for all time, with nay a hockey player protege who is deemed to come close to the caliber of player that Gretzky was anywhere in sight.

View the special Wayne Gretzky video below to help celebrate our favorite NHL player’s birthday.

Source:  NYPost.com

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