Verizon To Announce What Type of iPhone is Coming On Tuesday

It seems to be the biggest buzz in the smartphone arena, and an iPhone frenzy is underway.  Verizon will be holding a press conference on Tuesday to make an announcement about what everyone is presuming will be their iPhone platform.  While they have not officially announced any facts regarding a Verizon iPhone, information continues to leak out and circulate about the prospect.  The Verizon iPhone is currently one of the most searched terms on the Internet.

Amidst all the rumors and speculation, it seems that we may finally get a formal announcement as Verizon has scheduled an official opportunity to do so with their upcoming press conference on Tuesday.  Verizon fans are holding out hope that the iPhone will be the first smartphone released with the new Verizon 4G LTE technology, though it is not likely.

Some fear that the phone will be released as a CDMA-only version of the iPhone which means it could only be used in the United States and would not be compatible with networks overseas.  The other likely option is a GSM/CDMA World Phone that could be used to roam networks over seas, which would be crucial to many in the business sector who may consider the Verizon iPhone.

Giving the iPhone a head start with the latest Verizon 4G LTE would definitely guarantee the gadget’s launch with Verizon, but no indicators have been leaked yet as to what type of iPhone Verizon will be sporting.  Interested spectators remain on the edge of their seats waiting to find out tomorrow.


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