Consumer Reports Says To Hold Out For Cooler iPhone 5

The iPhone’s availability on the Verizon network has been the talk of the virtual mobile smartphone town, and is considered a marriage made in heaven.  Consumers who have long since wanted an iPhone, but did not want AT&T now have an alternative with the addition of the smartphone to Verizon’s platform.  The iPhone is due to hit Verizon stores on February 10th, and a recent press conference shared what Verizon customers can expect from their new iPhones.

The Verizon iPhone 4 will be a CDMA only unit, which means it will only work in the USA.  One of the features of the phone that got an applause from Consumer Reports was its ability to serve as a wi-fi hot spot for up to 5 other devices.  Consumer Reports has never been a huge fan of the iPhone 4, and they are suggesting that customers hold out for an upcoming, cooler, version of the smartphone, which they anticipate will be hitting shelves relatively soon.

It is anticipated that since the iPhone is hitting additional carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile will soon be offering the iPhone to their customers as well.  Neither Verizon or AT&T hold exclusive access to the device, so its no holds barred for the iPhone. Rumors are already circulating,  hinting that the phone may contain an A4 chip processor that will support dual, faster graphics and video cores.

Of course the iPhone is only one of the impressive smartphones out there making our mobile lives easier.  Learn about the latest smartphones and great deals with various mobile carriers at Amazon Wireless.


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